RSPS – the reverse socks proxy server

RSPS – the reverse socks proxy server

Some month ago i’ve completed reverse socks proxy server project (RSPS). RSPS differs from casual proxy server – he didn’t open a port. How you can connect reverse socks server? The RSPS self connects you!

How does it works?
The RSPS uses on computers, which can’t open a port, because firewall, router, etc. Port opens on your computer, and RSPS connect to your computer. And then you work with RSPS as casual proxy.

The program have 2 modules – local and remote.


Reverse socks server

On local computer you should install the localserver (on image). He opens 3 ports: 1080 – as socks server (you will use it port for your applications), 1081 – commmands port for reverse server, 1082 – tunneling port for reverse server.

On remote computer you should install the remoteclient. He connects your computer at port 1081 and wait command for tunneling. When he receive a command he make a tunnel for it on port 1082 on your computer.

For your programs you should use socks server localhost:1080

Protocols supported: SOCKS 4, 4a, 5

This is freeware, you can download it at